Crombo - Fast Transport


Crombo AB offers a complete transport service where our own staff takes care of both packing, carying and transport in Sweden. Your furniture is ensured and safe throughout the transport process. In addition, we cover any damages with additional insurance.

All our vans are fully equipped and our moving experts are experienced and cautious. We are small enough to offer you personalized service but still big enough to handle almost any type of moving job whether it’s local or international.

Our professional float team can help you transport your furniture to your new address.

When you move within your urban area, we offer the following services:

Packing and unpacking


Each packing of a box costs 10sek/pc while packing assistance 150sek/h

Crombo - Same Day Installation

Assembly and disassembly

Assembly work for smaller sofas is 300sek/pc, larger sofas are 500sek/pc. Standing a single bed costs 300sek/pcor 500sek/pc for a double bed, and wardrobe assembly 1000sek/pc. These services are not included in the flotation service.


Carrying aid

Each carrier service costs 200sek /hour/man. These activities are not included in the floating service.
Crombo - Same Day Delivery

Tranport costs for transporting a 1m3 of the furniture costs 500sek in the Stockholm area. If you transport your things from outside the Stockholm area, the costs increase by 100sek every 10 kilometers. These activities are not included in the floating service.

Crombo - Fast Transport
Storage costs are 200sek/m3 per month.
When it comes to transport, we need to have some more information about what we transport such as:


·       The type of article (sofa, bed, cabinet, table, chairs…)

·       The size of the article (e.g. a bed can be 160×200 cm)

·       Fragility

There are 5 levels of fragility (from low to high):

1.     ganska låg – t. ex. madrasser

2.     låg – t. ex. krukor

3.     lagom  – t. ex. keramik

4.     hög – t. ex. glas

5.     ganska hög – t. ex. kristall

·       Mängd av specifika möbler

·       Adress


Adressen till och från vilken vi transporterar påverkar transportkostnaderna för det mesta. Kostnaden för att transportera en 1m3 av möbeln är 500sek inom Stockholmsområdet. Om du transporterar utanför Stockholmsområdet ökar transportkostnaderna med 100sek varje 10:e km.